L. P. Monteleone Junior High
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Monteleone Junior High strives to provide opportunities to allow all students to get involved. We offer a variety of sports, spirit teams and student organizations.
At LMJ, our students will learn leadership and discipline skills to help them excel on the field, in the classroom, and in life. Our coaches and athletes work hard to make our programs highly successful. Our goal at LMJ is to turn our student-athletes into successful, productive young men and women. Students must have a physical and proof of insurance on file to participate in sports.

Our spirit teams work hard to promote school spirit. All of our spirit teams are very dedicated and their hard work shows. They have won various awards both locally and nationally. Tryouts for all spirit teams are held at the end of each school year. Students must have a physical and proof of insurance on file to participate on a spirit team.

Monteleone encourages every student to be involved in some manner to enrich their junior high experience. There is a wide variety of organizations for every student to find their place within the nurturing environment provided by LMJ. Each organization takes its part in helping the school  and the community that surrounds Monteleone Junior High. Students have the opportunity to sign up for clubs at the beginning of each school year.
Basketball - Boy's
Basketball - Girl's
Soccer - Boy's
Soccer - Girl's
Baseball - Boy's
Softball - Girl's
Volleyball - Girl's
Dance Team
Art Club
Builder's Club
Christian Fellowship
Marlin Mentors