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Dress Code

In order to facilitate your purchase of uniforms we are including the uniform policy for your information. School colored uniforms are available at various local stores.

School uniforms will consist of the following:

  1. Standard Polo Style Shirt - Long or short sleeve navy, light blue or white buttoned polo style with buttonholes. No emblems or logos are allowed except the optional school approved logo.
  2. Oxford Shirt - Solid white button down oxford long or short sleeved. No emblems or logos are allowed except the optional school approved logo.
  3. Pants, capris, walking shorts, skirts, or skorts - tan khaki cotton twill with no decorations, stripes, etc. Shorts, skirts or skorts must meet the length requirement.  While standing erect with arms extended down, the length of shorts must come to the tip of the fingers or below.

Only a solid white long or short sleeve shirt may be worn under the uniform polo or uniform oxford.  Solid white or black leggings may be worn under the uniform bottom.

Sweatshirts may be worn as outerwear OVER the mandatory uniform polo.  It may be any solid light blue, solid navy, solid gray or solid white colored sweatshirt with or without school approved Monteleone logo or purchased from the school Booster Club cart.  Other logo, wording or designs are prohibited. 

Outerwear other than the approved school logos or solid colors of light blue, navy, gray or white must be removed when entering a building. Hoods are not to be worn on campus during regular school hours.

An example of the uniform will be on display in the front office of the school during regular office hours.

P. E. uniforms are to be worn during P.E. only and do not substitute for the school uniform.

Students out of compliance with the uniform policy will be subject to regular school disciplinary procedures.

Consequences for uniform violations per semester:

Uniform Violations                  Consequences:

1st Offense                                    Warning letter sent home with student

2nd Offense                                   1 Lunch Detention

3rd Offense                                    2 Lunch Detentions

4th Offense                                    Afterschool Detention

5th Offense                                    Saturday Detention

6th Offense                                    ISS

There will be in place, exemption procedures, as well as financial assistance in the procurement of uniforms in certain circumstances. You may contact the principal, Sheri Jones, by e-mail at or by phone at 951-8088 to discuss these procedures or to answer any questions regarding this policy.